Guidelines for a delicious Rooibos

You want your Rooibos to be at its very best for utmost enjoyment. If you weren’t sure how to prepare it, just follow our simple guidelines.

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It couldn’t be easier to prepare a delicious Rooibos brew. All you need is the right equipment.

To start with, you need Rooibos leaves.

Because Rooibos leaves are very fine, we advise that you spoon them into a fine-mesh filter, like the one here , or a paper filter like this. You need only one teaspoon of Rooibos for a cup.

For a 1-litre (4 cups) teapot, like the Bodum teapot, use 3 to 4 teaspoons of Rooibos.

Next, you need water heated to 90°C (195°F).

The golden rule: never brew Rooibos leaves in water boiled to 100°C (212°F): this will burn them. We advise using water heated only to 90°C, a temperature that will bring out its subtle aromas and fragrance.

Use a temperature controlled kettle  to bring the water to the ideal temperature for this important stage.

Allow to brew for between 5 and 8 minutes.

Unlike tea, which becomes bitter if left to infuse for too long, Rooibos requires a longer brewing time for its complex flavours to develop. It’s perfect if you’re one of those absent-minded people who forget to remove their tea bag in time.

Taste and enjoy

The long-awaited moment of enjoyment. Your Rooibos is ready to be sipped from thissleekly-designed cup.

Because we at Cape and Cape leave nothing to chance, we’ve prepared a table to recap the temperatures and brewing times for each unique drink.


Cape and Cape’s Guide to Tea Preparation
Type Temperature Brewing time
Plain Green Rooibos 90°C  5-8 min
Plain Red Rooibos 90°C  5-10 min
Flavoured Rooibos 90°C  5 min
Black Tea 95°C  3-5 min
Green Tea 80°C  3-4 min
White Tea 80°C  5-10 min