Lawrence Lemaoana x Cape and Cape

Learn more about Lawrence Lemaoana’s work, a young South African artist who designed our first edition of Cape and Cape ART COLLECTION

Lawrence Lemaoana is a young South African artist who works and lives in Johannesburg.Lawrence Lemaoana

In 2005, at only 23 years old, he was awarded by the ABSA L’Atelier Gerard Sekoto prize. Inspired by his experience as a young black rugbyman, while rugby is a sport claimed as exclusive white male territory, he aims at subverting stereotypes commonly associated with contemporary African masculinity.

Collages and textiles constructions are characteristic of his work.

Lawrence Lemaoana x Cape and Cape

As a collector of African treasures, we, at Cape and Cape, are passionate about African contemporary art and we work with African artists on an exceptional range of products : CAPE AND CAPE ART COLLECTION.

For its first edition,we highlight South African artist Lawrence Lemaoana, who designed a limited edition of gift box.

Lawrence Lemaoana used an image depicting a man performing a « toyitoyi », a popular South African dance. The artist reinterpreted it graphically with a collage of fabric. His work gives birth to a colourful, festive and dynamic pattern.