Red bush daredevil

Johan Ferreira, Cederberg’s main Rooibos processor, is first and foremost a pilot, and he’s one of the most colourful characters in the region.

If, one day, as you drive along the N7 from Cape Town to Cederberg, you see a low-flying yellow plane above you executing a series of loop-the-loops, it will almost certainly be Johan Ferreira.

Ferreira, a Rooibos processor, is first and foremost a pilot, a former member of the South African Air Force. Several missions abroad with the army and experience flying a crop-spraying plane introduced him to aerobatics.

When he retired from the Air Force some ten years ago, Ferreira turned to Rooibos farming. And his Rooibos has quite a reputation. In addition to his plantation, he has a Rooibos processing facility where the smaller farmers of the region can bring their produce for processing and pasteurisation, without having to invest in costly infrastructure.IMG_0862

Today he is at the head of several high-quality Rooibos farms but is as passionate as ever about flying, continuing to fly daily and offering tourists the thrills of an aerobatic flight over his farms and the Cederberg mountains.

His agility and cool headedness in carrying out rolling turns, loops and passages between the mountains are proof that he has nerves of steel. What’s his secret? A cup of Rooibos before he takes off.

If you’re in the region, you simply have to enjoy the magnificent view of the Rooibos region from his plane. Thrills guaranteed!