The teas of Bukavu

At the top of the Bukavu hills there is a legendary plantation. It is said to have belonged to Bao Dai, the last emperor of Vietnam

Facing Rwanda across Lake Kivu lie the lush hills of Bukavu. Here, goes the story, there is a tea plantation that belonged to Bao Dai, the last emperor of the Nguen dynasty in Vietnam.

If the story we had been told turned out to be true, it was a tea that we at Cape and Cape simply had to bring back for you. So off we set in search of this legendary plantation.

On the mountainside, perched at the top of the hills surrounding the town of Bukavu, we found a plantation (a rather isolated plantation, in fact), and yes, the tea that grows there is particularly delicious.

Kivu Cacao exudes an exciting aroma where fertile African earth and cacao beans intermingle. When it is infused, the well-rounded cocoa notes and a mere hint of bitterness give way to smoky, nutty notes. This tea is rich in tannins and theine, and evokes the troubled history of the region where it is grown.

Velvet Morning, a high quality tea, has a more citrusy aroma and a sweeter taste. This tea, more chocolate than cocoa, contains some tannin but very little bitterness.

The teas of the Democratic Republic of Congo are quite unique, and proof indeed that at Cape and Cape we go to any lengths to source exceptional teas for you on the African continent.