The teas of Rwanda

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, is an essential destination for anyone seeking out fine teas in Africa.

The hilly terrain of this small country, nestling at the edge of Lake Kivu, gives it a environment that is particularly well suited for growing both coffee and tea. And in fact when talk turns to African teas, it is one of the most prominently referenced.

Although tea production started relatively late in Rwanda, it has grown exponentially. Rare teas, however, are not produced as much as they are in Malawi and Kenya. Specific to Rwanda is the quality of its black tea; its reputation is now well established.

This is why Cape and Cape brings you a wide range of black teas from Rwanda, each with different qualities. Byumba, Cyangugu, Gikongoro, Gisenyi and Kibuye – all provinces with melodic names, all types of tea that you can appreciate thanks to Cape and Cape.

Sleeping Volcanoes is the first Rwandan tea in our collection, and a particularly fine illustration of the natural assets of the country. It is a sweet black tea from the region bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, marked by the Virunga Mountains, a chain of volcanoes.

It now taken as given that Rwanda is the top-ranking country for black tea in Africa, and no other country can come anywhere near it in terms of the diversity and quality of the black teas it has to offer.