Wild Rooibos, the original plant

Wild Rooibos grows in hard-to-reach places; its inaccessibility, in addition to its diverse varieties, gives it particular status in South Africa. Tame its wild nature to enjoy it intensity!

Wild Rooibos does not lend itself to farming. What’s more, it grows in places that are hard to access. To harvest it, workers set off, sickle in hand, to find it in the mountains. It is then transported by mules or with overhead cables.

Because it’s so hard to find and has such a pronounced taste, it is particularly appreciated by serious connoisseurs.

There is a wide variety of wild Rooibos in the Cederberg region – more kinds than are found among cultivated Rooibos. Over 20 different sorts and bushes of all shapes and sizes are known: large, slender, slim or squat, some with brown stems and some with white, yellow flowers and sometimes even violet-coloured flowers.

Rooibos bushes are an integral part of the southern South African landscape. There is strict legislation on the harvesting of wild Rooibos: it is authorised only every other year to ensure long-term sustainability.

Our Kalahari Camp is a perfect example of what this bush produces: a Rooibos with an intense aroma and taste. With its terroir firmly imprinted on it, it combines the distinctive sweetness of Nieuwoudtville with the character of a wild Rooibos.